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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. (ASRS)

As world trade and commerce increase globally, including on-line ordering, warehousing and storage facilities become critical.

ASRS's are the tool of choice to receive, store, and ship products nationally and around the world. The PMIGUYS offer precise layouts, monitoring of the installation via control lines and documentation after completion of the install and for safety applications.

Automated Parking Garages. (APGs)

As parking space continues to be at a premium in most major cities, automated parking garages are becoming a popular and feasible solution near sporting facilities, in business districts, and at transportation centers such as airports and train stations.

The PMIGUYS assist suppliers of APGs by providing precise layouts and installations the first time, thereby reducing costs and errors in the field.

Industrial and Commercial Construction

Site layout, control and baselines, footprints, and final alignment are all services a contractor needs. If these services are less than standard, the ability to market your construction services becomes hampered limiting you to only what you can achieve on your own.

We harmonize our services to be in tune with the contractor supervising the installation or erection by confirming and validating specifications are accurate when completed.

Often times' supervision resources in the form of labor are diverted to do a jobsite layout. This is costly and inefficient. By employing The PMIGUYS, the layout and monitoring of the construction progress gets done right the first time.

Supervisory resources can then be used to oversee the job progress and details more effectively thus enhancing the much greater likelihood the project will be completed on time and within budget estimates.

Machinery Manufacturers

One of our priorities at PMI is to provide our manufacturing clients a solid, long-term relationship and confidence in our reputation for quality and dependability. When our clients realize the backing they have from us, knowing we are there to support them even in a bind, they can concentrate on the more important matters, like reaching out to new markets.

When our manufacturing clients expand their business and sell new products in existing and new markets, we as a 'certified' installer benefit by growing with and supporting them in their increasing development.

Material Handling and Conveyors.

Transportation centers continue to expand both nationally and globally. In order to move, handle, and distribute both luggage and cargo, multi-level conveying systems and material handling solutions are essential to the speed, accuracy, and success of transporting these items effectively and efficiently.

PMI partners up with manufacturers, distributors, and installers of these systems to ensure a minimum of errors in the layout and installation process, thereby reducing the cost and increasing the profit potential and ability to compete.

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Are you a contractor looking for a quicker, more accurate layout? Are you a manufacturer seeking an experienced, qualified layout service? We help General Contractors, Machinery Installers, Machinery Manufacturers, Project Engineers, and Plant Maintenance Supervisors.

We also assist: Suppliers and end users of automated storage and retrieval systems, automated parking garages, material handling and conveyor systems, distribution centers, converting and extrusion systems, as well as any application that requires .001" accuracy for placement of equipment.

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