How We Work

The personnel used, the procedures followed and the quality of the work all are critical for success. We bring all three into successful application for our clients nationwide.

Our Trained Technicians

We provide our clients with high quality and properly trained personnel to complete the work we contract for, both as skilled journeyman millwright machinery installers and trained industrial survey technicians.

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Our Process

The procedures for machinery installation and industrial surveying can vary greatly in the details on a case by case basis. The basics are always the same and we are consistent in applying these basics in harmony with the knowledge and experience we've gained in a reliable way.

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Our Work

For over 30 years, we have prided ourselves on providing our clients with the level of service that reflects our personal attributes, namely, quality, integrity, and predictable consistency in a professional manner that is the example we wish to set for industries we work in and markets we serve. An example that makes us leaders not followers.

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