Our Trained Technicians

In today's advanced and high tech world, trained, qualified workers are essential. When our clients hire or contract us to do their work, they expect us to be professional, accurate, and on time. And that's precisely what we offer. Our clients are confident in our ability to perform the necessary tasks at hand, receiving the service they expect and benefitting the quality they deserve.

Machinery Installations

For machinery installations, our journeyman millwrights are trained through a four year apprenticeship with in-field experience during the process. They return for additional training as time and circumstances require.

Industrial Surveying

For our industrial surveying technicians, they are trained on the specific instrumentation they use in the field and supplement this training with in-field experience. This is an ongoing and progressive process that hones their skills and abilities to deliver an elevated quality of work, efficiently and effectively for our clients.

How We Help

To us, problems are only challenges to be overcome. When challenges are surmounted, we call those solutions. When solutions are applied, they become resolutions. When issues are resolved, we call that a good days' work.

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People We Help

Are you a contractor looking for a quicker, more accurate layout? Are you a manufacturer seeking an experienced, qualified layout service? We help General Contractors, Machinery Installers, Machinery Manufacturers, Project Engineers, and Plant Maintenance Supervisors.

We also assist: Suppliers and end users of automated storage and retrieval systems, automated parking garages, material handling and conveyor systems, distribution centers, converting and extrusion systems, as well as any application that requires .001" accuracy for placement of equipment.

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