3D Surveying

A revolution in Surveying: 3D Technology. The unification of leading edge field instrumentation with state of the art software gives us the ability to offer our clients an advantage few companies can.

How it works

Sample of how it worksAny given point or target can be located by its coordinate relative to an origin. That point can be compared or measured against another point. The Cartesian Coordinate System is the basis for a 3-dimensional space defined by mutually orthogonal lines (XYZ Axis) to which points are referenced. This is commonly referred to as a optical frame. The frame surrounding an object or work space can be used to collect points for comparing and/or transformations.

The benefits for our clients

Sample of how it worksApplications of this technology are without end. They could include determining whether all the rollers in a machine line are parallel or tram in relation to each other and perpendicular to a base line and the center line of the machine. This can be accomplished without the instrument actually being positioned on the base line which is particularly useful when evaluating large vertical structures such as blow film extrusion lines or production jigs.

Evaluations made with a Industrial Total Station and SpatialAnalyzerô Software with its powerful analyzing routines have benefited our clients. In web line applications, this translates to minimizing waste and time at start up and running at full line speed in production, hence reducing lost time and materials and maximizing profitability.

By using our 3D Technology for complete facility drawings, we provide our clients 3 dimensional coordinates in AutoCAD dxf format. Will your new machine fit in your building? What is the location of a hard to reach object? What is the distance from point A to point B? Plant Engineers and facility/maintenance managers have found many benefits to having this type of information provided for them.

What you get

Sample of how it worksFinancial justification. Can you afford a minimal amount of time and money to get your machine line to optimal performance in a timely fashion once or twice a year? Can you afford not to?

Or do you prefer to limp by holding your breath hoping all will continue to go well? Whose job is on the line?

  1. Yours'
  2. The clients' future re-order.
  3. The companies' job to provide the clients' order in a timely and competitive manner.
  4. The companies' job to provide investors and shareholders a profit every quarter. Or
  5. All the above?

    Answer: E - all the above. Solution - Call the PMIGUYS.

How We Help

To us, problems are only challenges to be overcome. When challenges are surmounted, we call those solutions. When solutions are applied, they become resolutions. When issues are resolved, we call that a good days' work.

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Are you a contractor looking for a quicker, more accurate layout? Are you a manufacturer seeking an experienced, qualified layout service? We help General Contractors, Machinery Installers, Machinery Manufacturers, Project Engineers, and Plant Maintenance Supervisors.

We also assist: Suppliers and end users of automated storage and retrieval systems, automated parking garages, material handling and conveyor systems, distribution centers, converting and extrusion systems, as well as any application that requires .001" accuracy for placement of equipment.

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