Education is good, experience is better, success is best. The PMIGUYS recognize the necessity for the continued growth in all three areas. Our continued expansion in these areas allows us to stay current, offer new and innovative solutions, and continue to achieve the satisfying results we have provided our clients for over three decades. Our prospective clients can trust in our well earned reputation and continued presence in the industries and markets we serve nationwide.

Job Site

Job SiteThe jobsite and construction layout experience of our crew members consists of small commercial to large industrial projects, including a new terminal at a world class international airport. Establishing and maintaining control lines and transferring elevations, as well as monitoring construction progress is all daily fare.

Machinery Installation

Machinery InstallationFor over 32 years, our millwright crew has installed all types of machinery as Industrial Erectors. Whether as a General Contractor, a Sub-Contractor, or Turn-Key operator, we maintain our professional approach that has enabled us to provide the highest quality of work possible with the greatest reliability available.

Our understanding and skill in handling all types of equipment from glass lined mixing tanks, to pressurized vessels, to blown film towers, extrusion and laminating lines, gives us the capacity to accept challenges that seem like problems to others.

Retrofits and Upgrades

Retrofits and UpgradesAn object in motion will stay in motion, until an external force acting upon that object stops it. Translation: If it runs it will wear out. If the wear down goes too far it will breakdown. If it breaks down production stops, money is lost, and people could be out of jobs.

Whether retrofitting an existing item or machine line to enhance safety, production or quality, or upgrading with improvements, The PMIGUYS are equal to the task.

Machine Line Evaluations and Corrections

Machine Line Evaluations and CorrectionsWe specialize in precision optical alignment and evaluations of web production equipment. The complaint by many production people is that too often a web-line is not tracking properly or the web is wrinkling. Our teams can locate, report and correct any misalignments of your equipment thus eliminating misalignment as the cause of a problem. Many of today's machinery manufacturers recommend optical alignment of their equipment both at time of installation and on an annual basis. Call The PMIGUYS to discuss your web production problems and alignment solutions.

How We Help

To us, problems are only challenges to be overcome. When challenges are surmounted, we call those solutions. When solutions are applied, they become resolutions. When issues are resolved, we call that a good days' work.

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People We Help

Are you a contractor looking for a quicker, more accurate layout? Are you a manufacturer seeking an experienced, qualified layout service? We help General Contractors, Machinery Installers, Machinery Manufacturers, Project Engineers, and Plant Maintenance Supervisors.

We also assist: Suppliers and end users of automated storage and retrieval systems, automated parking garages, material handling and conveyor systems, distribution centers, converting and extrusion systems, as well as any application that requires .001" accuracy for placement of equipment.

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