At PMI, we have long recognized the value of having the right tool for the job. This is most apparent when working on equipment that can at times be valued in the tens of millions of dollars. And with critical production schedules and increasing emphasis on efficiency, profitability and being competitive globally, the right tool for the job becomes mandatory.

Industrial Total Stations and 3-D Measuring

Industrial Total Stations and 3-D Measuring We employ the Sokkia Net 1200 3-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring System to achieve the most accurate results possible while maintaining the highest level of precision available. The NET 1200 total station precisely determines angles and distances from its' location to points to be surveyed or measured. With the aid of its onboard software the angles and distances may be used to calculate the coordinates of the actual positions (X, Y, and Z or northing, easting and elevation) of the measured points, or the position of the instrument from known points, in absolute terms. The coordinates may be downloaded from the NET 1200 to a computer and application software can generate a report of the recorded data.

Optical Tooling

Optical ToolingFor precision alignment of high speed equipment, we offer services to our clients achieving measurements to within thousandths of an inch producing optimal performance in a production line and thereby minimizing waste and maximizing profitability.

For extrusion barrel applications including extruded materials, our bore scoping evaluations are accomplished by using a high precision K & E alignment scope and custom targetry. For other applications our tried and true methods continue to produce consistently reliable results, even decades later.

3D Measuring and 3D Coordinate Systems

3D Measuring and 3D Coordinate SystemsWe enhance the performance of the NET 1200 Industrial Total Station by employing state of the art SpatialAnalyzerô Software. SA is N.I.S.T. traceable metrology software capable of virtually any type of dimensional measurement. The SA software also performs complex analysis of those measurements. This gives the user the ability to efficiently and precisely measure large objects, components and assemblies of machines. The 3D Coordinate Measuring System can also be used to verify a manufacturers' specifications at the time of an assembly, installation or final survey. Existing measurements can be compared against the original specs at any time in the future.

Industrial Construction Site LayoutWe offer General Contractors and Industrial Erectors construction survey and site layout services. We establish construction site control points, measurements, placements, and verifications for any project. During the construction of industrial projects, we use measurement coordinates from drawings to assist contractors to correctly position or align their work, and a host of other related services. Complex layouts can be accomplished quickly and accurately, with a higher level of precision thereby minimizing mistakes.

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We also assist: Suppliers and end users of automated storage and retrieval systems, automated parking garages, material handling and conveyor systems, distribution centers, converting and extrusion systems, as well as any application that requires .001" accuracy for placement of equipment.

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